Downloading the Agility Gate app

The Agility Gate app is available on the iOS App Store for your iPhone and on the Google Play Store for your Android phone.  Note that you will need an internet connection to install and use the app.

Launch Web Version of the Agility Gate App

Using the Agility Gate app

  1. After you launch the app, you’ll be presented with this screen. Press the button in the top left that looks like three horizontal lines to choose the class you want to follow

  1. Find the class you want to follow, and click on it to open up the running order for that particular class.

  1. You will be prompted to enter the code for the trial. You should only need to do this once.  Please ask your trial secretary for the code.
  2. After picking a class, you’ll be presented with the running order for the class you chose.  Running order is broken up by height and only displays the information for the specific class you are watching.

  1. If you place your finger on a row in the running order and swipe towards the left, you’ll reveal four buttons that you can use to update your dog’s status:  Check-in, Scratch, FEO or Conflict.  Pick the option that best matches your dog’s status.  You can always swipe to the left to reveal the buttons again and change your dog’s status later.

  1. The running order will update automatically as dogs are checked in, when they run, etc. Keep an eye on the running order to see when you are due up.